بارکد خوان لیزری چند پرتوه مدل MK7320

بارکد خوان لیزری چند پرتوه مدل MK7320

  • لیزری با سرعت اسکن 2000 خط در ثانیه
  • دارای 20 پرتو جهت خواندن بارکد از هر جهت
  • قابلیت خواندن بارکد تا فاصله 250 mm
  • قدرت لیزر 0.678 mW
  • وزن : 1200 گرم
  • ابعاد :mm 185*168*99
  • قابل نصب بر روی پایه ، دیوار و میز


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MK7320 Laser barcode scanner :


Visible laser diode 650 nm ± 10nm Light Source
0.678 mW (peak) Laser power:
Autodiscriminates all standard bar codes ,including Gs1 Databar ;

for other symbologies call metrologic

Decode capability :
PC keyboard wedge, Rs232,OCIA,Light Pen Emulation, IBM

468x/469x ,Stand alone PC keyboard, USB (low speed and full speed)

 System interfaces
Up to 80 data characters Number characters read:
7 tones or no beep Beeper operation
Green = laser on, ready to scan

Red = good read, decoding

185mm H * 99mm D *168 mm W Dimensions:(without stand)
64MM*64MM Footprint of stand
 1.2Kg (2.65 lbs )  weight
Three 10-pin modular Rj45 Termination
Standard 2.1 m (7″) straight ; for other cables call Metrologic Cable
 Fully adjustable  Mount (optional)
5.2 VDC ±  0.25 V Input voltage :
1.9 W power
360mA Operating current :
 Class II ; 5.2 VDC @ 1 A  DC Transformers
CDRH : Class IIa ; EN60825-1:1994/A11:1996 Class1 Laser class
 Fcc,ICES-003 & EN55022 Class A  EMC
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) Operating Temperature :
-40°C to 60°C (-40°F  to 140°F) Storage Temperature
5%  to 95%  relative humidity, non-condensing Humidity
Up to 4842 Lux (450 footcandles) Light levels :
 Sealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants  contaminants
 None required  ventilation
Scan Performance
0 mm ~ 215 mm for 0.33mm (13mil) barcode Depth of scan field :
38 mm @15mm ; 135 mm @191 mm Width of scan field  :
2000 scan lines per second scan speed :
5 fields of 4 parallel lines (omnidirectional) Scan pattern :
20 Number of scan lines :
 0.127 mm (5.2 mil)  Minimum Bar width
35% minimum reflectance difference Print contrast :
 360°, 60°, 60°  Roll, Pitch, Yaw :


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